Step into AirPuff, the beacon of Airdropfi, where airdrop rewards are not just farmed but amplified to unprecedented levels through the use of cutting edge AI. Here, we leverage deep market insights and trend analysis to craft the most effective airdrop farming strategies. Uniting passionate airdrop enthusiasts, reward maximizers, and yield hunters, we form a formidable community focused on maximizing airdrop rewards. Together, we navigate the vast oceans of airdrops, aiming for the highest gains with every drop.

Through our strategies, we optimize the timing, allocation, and participation in airdrops to ensure maximum gains. Our algorithms adapt in real-time to market conditions, swiftly adjusting strategies to seize opportunities and mitigate risks. With AirPuff, it's not just about farming airdrops; it's about leveraging the immense capabilities of AI to exponentially increase your gains with every drop.

Our Mission - Elevate Value of Airdrop

At AirPuff, our mission goes beyond the traditional concept of airdrops. We aim to cultivate a vibrant community that boosts the value and potential of airdrops for everyone involved. As we embark on this journey, we're rolling out innovative strategies designed to enhance your airdrop experience and maximize your rewards. These strategies will help you skillfully navigate the ever-changing airdrop landscape with effectiveness and adaptability.

To strengthen our community and ensure rewards are distributed wisely, we're excited to launch the AirPuff Guild. This dedicated guild will act as a central hub for airdrop enthusiasts to connect and thrive. It will also oversee the management and distribution of referral bonuses, guaranteeing that rewards are shared fairly among those who help our community grow.

Together, we stand as a unified force, ready to capture even greater rewards from upcoming projects. With our strategic approach and the supportive network of the AirPuff Guild, we're setting the stage to lead the next wave of the airdrop evolution.

Restaking & Liquid Restaking

Our journey begins with an emphasis on restaking and liquid restaking markets, recognizing their significant potential. The restaking sector, especially with platforms like EigenLayer, is poised to distribute over $2 billion in airdrop value to participants. Additionally, the liquid restaking space offers vast opportunities for airdrop collectors to earn substantial rewards. AirPuff is here to ensure you're well-prepared to take advantage of these opportunities.

L1 & L2 blockchains

The potential for valuable airdrops extends to Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain projects. Notable chains such as Blast and Zircuit are shaping the future of the crypto ecosystem, and AirPuff is at the forefront, ready to capture the largest rewards for our users in this evolving landscape.


Stablecoins are crucial for both centralized exchange trading and decentralized finance, acting as a bridge for transactions. Despite the dominance of major players like USDT and USDC, these options have their limitations, including centralization concerns and limited rewards for holders. Projects like Ethena aim to address these issues, seeking to capture a significant portion of the stablecoin market. Other rising stablecoin projects are also looking to enhance value for traders and DeFi users, often by airdropping governance tokens to early supporters. AirPuff positions itself to maximize the returns from these airdrops for our users, inviting you to be part of the stablecoin evolution.

Solana & other non-EVM Ecosystem

Beyond Ethereum's ecosystem, the rapid expansion of the Solana network offers unique airdrop opportunities with potentially high returns. The growing Solana & other non-evm ecosystem presents lucrative prospects for airdrop enthusiasts. AirPuff is not limited to Ethereum; we're expanding our search to include promising ecosystems like Solana to maximize value for our community.

Why AirPuff?

Buffs: For Users Bullish on Airdrop Values

AirPuff is tailor-made for users who strongly believe in the value of points from underlying protocols and are willing to take a calculated risk to leverage and speculate for enhanced returns. AirPuff provides a seamless, one-click solution for individuals optimistic about the values of points and airdrops, enabling them to leverage their positions and maximize potential gains. Users can leverage up to 15x, earning 15x the points and underlying yields.

Lending: For Users Seeking Stable Returns

AirPuff also caters to users who seek for a stable yet high yield on ETH deposits. By charging leveraged points farmers a higher-than-traditional-market interest rate and channeling back to lenders, AirPuff creates a win-win scenario. The interest rate received is tied to the utilization rate, allowing lenders to capitalize on the wave of farming when more leverage points farming occurs. This model benefits both risk-averse depositors seeking stable yields and points hunters looking to maximize their opportunities.

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