2024 Q1:

  • Liquidity Bootstrapping

Multiple Liquidity Bootstrapping campaigns will be initiated to attract additional capital for deployment on AirPuff. The goal is to ensure a seamless borrowing and lending experience for users.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Deployment

While the Arbitrum deployment marks the initial step, AirPuff's ultimate destination is the Ethereum Mainnet, where the majority of liquidity and volume resides. Launching on Arbitrum first ensures a smooth and user-friendly mechanism before transitioning to Ethereum Mainnet.


  • Collaborating with AI-Driven Platforms

AirPuff will establish partnerships with leading AI-driven platforms to leverage their advanced technologies. By integrating these platforms into our operations, we will gain deeper market insights and access sophisticated AI tools. This collaboration will enable us to make more informed decisions regarding the selection of airdrops to focus on, ensuring that our users can benefit from high-potential opportunities.

  • Broadening the Scope of LRT Airdrops (Swell and Puffer)

AirPuff is set to broaden its reach into LRT Airdrops across Liquid Restaking protocols, such as Swell and Puffer. This expansion offers users more opportunities to leverage their optimism about Restaking's future, enhancing their potential to earn significant rewards.

  • Expansion to Stablecoins and Layer 2 blockchains Airdrop farming

As the number of airdrop campaigns grows across various projects, AirPuff plans to broaden its coverage beyond LRT and EigenLayer-related protocols. The scope will encompass numerous other protocols as requested by the community, catering to a wider range of demands.

  • Token Generation Event (TGE)

Towards the early Q2, AirPuff will launch its native token, aiming to decentralize governance and reward its most supportive community members with protocol earnings.

  • Augmenting Market Analysis with AI

We will enhance our market analysis capabilities by leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning techniques. By training our AI models on vast amounts of historical and real-time data, we can accurately identify emerging trends, detect market sentiments, and predict airdrop performance. This AI-powered market analysis will enable us to make data-driven decisions and optimize our airdrop strategies for maximum rewards.


  • Expansion to Other Chains Airdrops

Cross-chain farming is a key objective for AirPuff. Recognizing the wealth of promising projects across different chains, AirPuff aims to extend its reach beyond Ethereum and Arbitrum. This expansion will enable leverage users and lenders to optimize their liquidity usage across multiple chains for maximum Airdrop rewards.

  • Non-Points Airdrops

While points systems have been prevalent in rewarding project communities, AirPuff anticipates an increase in projects experimenting with innovative reward mechanisms. To accommodate this trend, AirPuff will broaden its coverage to include these projects, offering a comprehensive solution for users.


  • Developing AI-Driven Strategy Recommendations

AirPuff aims to develop AI-driven strategy recommendations that cater to the individual needs and preferences of our users. By incorporating AI analysis of market trends, risk appetites, and personal views, we will provide personalized recommendations that align with each user's goals. This milestone will empower our users to make informed decisions based on tailored AI insights, enhancing their airdrop farming experience.

  • Automating Strategy Execution with AI

In the future, AirPuff envisions automating the execution of airdrop strategies using AI technology. By integrating AI algorithms into our platform, we can automate the process of identifying, participating, and managing airdrops. This automation will enable users to seamlessly execute their chosen strategies, saving time and effort while maximizing their returns.

  • Advancing AI Research and Development

AirPuff is committed to continuous innovation and improvement in AI technology. We will invest in research and development to further enhance our AI models, refine our algorithms, and explore new avenues for AI integration within our platform. This ongoing advancement will ensure that AirPuff remains at the forefront of AI-driven airdrop farming, providing our users with cutting-edge tools and strategies.

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