Security is a fundamental pillar at AirPuff. Recognizing the paramount importance of protecting user assets and information in the decentralized world, we've committed to the highest security standards through the adoption of rigorous security protocols.

Smart Contract Audits

To identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities, coding errors, or potential loopholes, smart contract audits are vital. These comprehensive reviews of our codebase are conducted by seasoned auditors to ensure it's fortified against potential threats. Such audits significantly reduce the likelihood of hacks, bugs, or any unforeseen issues, safeguarding against financial and reputational damage.

AirPuff's smart contracts have been audited by Zokyo and CD Security, with reports available here:

Bug Bounty Program

We've initiated a bug bounty program, covering both our front-end interface and smart contracts, to tap into the expertise of ethical hackers and security researchers. This initiative encourages the discovery and reporting of vulnerabilities, further bolstering our defense mechanisms.

Leveraging Hypernative

Utilizing Hypernative's cutting-edge technology, AirPuff is equipped to receive instant alerts on suspicious deployments or forks, acting as an early warning system. This capability is crucial for pre-empting and thwarting potential hacking attempts.

Malicious parties often replicate and deploy a protocol's contract as a rehearsal for their attack strategies. Hypernative's swift detection of such activities enables us to react quickly, implementing protective actions such as pausing deposits or recommending withdrawals to safeguard user assets.

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