AirPuff Referral

AirPuff's referral system is designed to reward users with referral points and daily point boosts based on collective achievements, making it easier for those with smaller deposits to benefit significantly from their and their group's deposits.

Referral Points

When you refer a new user to AirPuff, you're rewarded with 20% of the points that your referral earns, without affecting the accumulation of points for the referred user. This means the more active your referrals are, the more points you gain.

Referral Codes

When you join or form a new team, you'll receive a referral code, designed for a single use. Users will have to complete different missions to unlock more referral codes

  • Joining someone else's team rewards you with 3 referral codes.

  • Creating your own team entitles you to 5 referral codes.


In AirPuff, you can either form your own team or join an existing one, with benefits for both team leaders and members.

Joining a Team

By entering a referral code, you automatically join the team of the person who referred you. Each user has a unique referral code, which might differ from the team name. The system seamlessly adds you to your referrerโ€™s team.

Leading a Team

Opting to lead a team opens up opportunities for additional bonuses. Your referral code will not only bring others directly to your team, but also those they refer, expanding your team's reach and potential rewards.

Once you're part of a team, you cannot switch teams or start a new one.

Team Multiplier Bonuses

Both team leaders and members can unlock bonus percentage points on their daily earnings as their team hits certain total deposit milestones, measured in ETH:

Total Team DepositsTeam Leader BoostsTeam Member Boosts

More than 10 ETH



More than 50 ETH



More than 100 ETH



More than 500 ETH



More than 1000 ETH



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