Airdrop Claim Arrangement

Buffers' Arrangement

Scenario 1 - Point Integration with Partnered Protocols Completed

  • Our main priority is to finalize the integration with various LRT protocols, synchronizing all data and points of Airpuff's users with these protocols. Once the integration is complete, users will be able to view their points from the official dashboard and directly claim their airdrops on the respective platform.

  • E.g. Renzo Protocol - Airpuff users can go to Renzo’s official dashboard to check their points and claim their airdrop directly from Renzo.

Scenario 2 - Point Integration with Partnered Protocols is not completed

  • Alternatively, if integrations are not completed before the airdrops and direct claims are not available, Airpuff team will be claiming on behalf of all users via our contract address. The airdrop will be available for claim by individuals on our website within 24 hours.

Step’s to claim

  1. Visit our official website and connect your wallet

  2. Click on Dashboard and then click “Points”

  3. Scroll down to the corresponding LRT protocols and then click claim to secure your airdrop

Lenders and veAPUFF Arrangement

  • We aggregate all points shared by leveragoors. After airdrops are released, the corresponding tokens will be claimed via our Buff’s contract address and prepared for distribution to both lenders and veAPUFF holders.

  • Please note that not all airdrops (or points) are distributed to lenders and veAPUFF holders; distribution depends on the specific agreements with integrated protocols. Only those airdrops listed under “Accumulated Points” on the lenders’ page are included for distribution.


  • The lender’s airdrop will be claimable within 10 days on our website.

  • For lenders, the airdrop distribution will be allocated on a pro-rata basis among different lenders.

  • The allocation percentage is based on the lender’s time-weighted average deposit value in the lending pools over the total deposited value.

    • Lender’s airdrop allocation = Amount of airdrop to all lenders x lender’s time-weighted average deposit value / total lender time-weighted average deposit value

  • Lenders will earn a portion of the airdrop based on their contributed assets over time.


  • The airdrop will be allocated to veAPUFF holders when the locking feature commences.

  • veAPUFF lockers will earn a portion of the airdrop based on their veAPUFF holdings over the total supply.

    • veAPUFF locker’s airdrop allocation = veAPUFF holding / total supply of veAPUFF * total airdrop amount from 5% Leveragor’s point sharing

  • Random snapshots will be taken of veAPUFF balances.

  • The detailed distribution schedule of the airdrop varies case by case, and it might be distributed as the native token/USDC.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. If point integration is successful, where should I claim the airdrop?

    • Visit the official website of the corresponding platform and claim your airdrop directly.

  2. Will the points balance displayed on the official dashboard the same as what appears on the AirPuff dashboard?

    • If integration is completed, you will see your points on the official dashboard of the corresponding protocol and it's synced with our point’s database.

  3. What if the point integration is not completed when the partnered protocols announced the airdrop? where should I go to claim?

    • In that case, our team will claim the corresponding airdrop from the partnered protocols and distribute it to our users based on the points they earned.

  4. How do you distribute the airdrop? What are the metrics?

    • We will claim the airdrop for all users using our contract address. The distribution of the airdrop will be done on a pro-rata basis, meaning your allocation is based on the points you earned compared to the total earned points by all users in a particular buff.

  5. What about the lenders' allocation of the airdrop?

    • The lenders' allocation will be claimed under our address, and the allocation for a lender depends on the time-weighted average.

  6. When will lenders be able to claim the airdrop?

    • Lenders can claim the airdrop within 10 days after the official claim function is commenced.

  7. Where can I claim for the lender's allocation?

    • Visit our dashboard page and go to the "Points" tab. You will find your allocation there and can claim it.

  8. What is the coverage period for the time-weighted average?

    • The time-weighted average coverage period is from the beginning of the lending vault going live until Renzo's snapshot date.

  9. When will veAPUFF holders receive the airdrop?

    • The exact timing for veAPUFF holders to receive the airdrop will be announced case by case.

  10. How is the allocation of the airdrop determined for all veAPUFF holders?

    • The allocation of the airdrop for veAPUFF holders is based on the percentage of veAPUFF holdings to the total supply of veAPUFF. VeAPUFF holders will share the pool of airdrops accordingly.

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