AirPuff Points

AirPuff Points will play a role in decentralized governance. 7% of the $APUFF total supply will be distributed, designed to further reward our dedicated community and supporters, on top of the points and airdrop rewards from underlying protocols. There will be a total of 2 seasons, with the first season lasting for 1 month, ending at April 30th, 2024 and distributing 4% of the $APUFF.

With the launch of AirPuff Points system, starting from April 2nd, 2024, every participant in the AirPuff ecosystem will receive points. The quantity of points awarded will depend on the duration and the corresponding pools deposited.

Season 1 Participants can claim their airdrop rewards on May 30th, 2024. Initially, 2% of the airdrop rewards will be unlocked immediately, while the remaining rewards will be monthly vested over a period of 3 months.

Earning AirPuff Points

Lending Activities:

Lenders accumulate AirPuff Points alongside receiving notable interest yields and points shares from their lending. All lending transactions use ETH as the unit of account.

  • ETH, stETH Lending:

    • Gain 20 points per day for every 0.1 ETH deposited. Points are tallied daily at random snapshot moments.

  • ARB, USDT, USDC, USDC.e Lending:

    • Deposits are converted to ETH equivalent. Earn 10 points daily for each 0.1 ETH equivalent. The conversion uses the average price from the Coingecko API, updated hourly.

    • For instance, if User A deposits 100 ARB with an average daily ARB to ETH rate of 1000 ARB per ETH, they receive 100/1000/0.01 = 10 point per day.

Buffs & Air-con:

  • Earn 5 points per day for every 0.1 ETH of collaterals deposit. Points are updated daily at random snapshot times.


Users can complete mission to receive additional one-off points and new invite codes.

Mission TierRequirementRewards


Refer 3 friends

One-off 50 points + 5 invite codes


Deposit in Both Buff and Lend

One-off 100 points + 5 invite codes


Get 10000 points

One-off 1000 points + 5 invite codes


Deposited for more than 20 days

One-off 2000 points + 5 invite codes


Team deposits more than 500 ETH

One-off 5000 points + 5 invite codes

Early Bird:

Extra one-time points will be awarded for all deposits made before April 1, 2024. A snapshot will be taken at that time to determine eligibility.

Cross Chain Integration

Points displayed on user dashboards aggregate earnings from both Arbitrum and Ethereum for convenience.

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