🌟$APUFF Launch Odyssey

We have planned the launch of $APUFF in four distinct phases, each with its own set of objectives. Participating in each phase will provide you with unique opportunities to earn exciting benefits.

Phase 1: Points + Referral System

AirPuff Points will play a crucial role in decentralized governance, with 7% of the $APUFF total supply allocated for distribution to reward our dedicated community and supporters, in addition to the points and airdrop rewards from underlying protocols.

Starting from April 2nd, 2024, the launch of the AirPuff Points system will grant points to every participant in the AirPuff ecosystem. The quantity of points awarded will be based on the duration and corresponding pools deposited. There will be a total of 2 seasons, with the first season distributing 4% of the $APUFF.

Phase 2: $APUFF Token Generation Event

In Phase 2, we will have the Token Generation Event in a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) model on Fjord Foundry. The LBP model is a revolutionary approach in the digital asset space, aimed at ensuring fair and transparent token launches. It operates on a unique high-to-low pricing mechanism, similar to a Dutch Auction.

In this model, token prices begin at a higher value and gradually decrease over time. This strategic choice helps mitigate the influence of sniper bots and large investors (whales) who may manipulate the market. Instead, participants can engage in a community-driven price discovery process, purchasing tokens at a price point that they consider fair and equitable.

LBPs represent a significant advancement in creating a balanced and inclusive environment for token distribution. By utilizing this innovative model, we aim to foster a level playing field, allowing individuals to actively participate in the token generation event and contribute to the community-driven pricing process.

We will make available 15% of the total supply (150,000,000 APUFF.) in the TGE, and the community will have 3 days to contribute ETH to the pool in return for the APUFF token.

Participation Link: https://app.v2.fjordfoundry.com/pools/0xc2A81026e9698918923896cC46d706a7eFaB092d

  • LBP Date: From April 8 @ 12PM UTC to April 11 @ 12PM UTC.

  • Duration: 3 days (72 hours)

  • Supplied tokens: 150,000,000 (15% of the supply)

  • Chain: ETH Mainnet

  • Start Weights: 99% $APUFF / 1% ETH

  • End Weights: 1% $APUFF / 99% ETH

  • Minimum purchase amount: None

  • Contribution Currency: WETH, USDT, USDC

  • Vesting: Immediately liquid and claimable at the end of TGE

Immediately following the conclusion of the LBP on Fjord, the TGE will commence. The Airpuff team will set up a liquidity pool on Ethereum Mainnet on Uniswap with a portion of the funds raised from the LBP. 100% of tokens will be unlocked at TGE for LBP buyers.

LBP joiners will be rewarded with a one-off 250 AirPuff points, distributing at the end of Buff Boost

Phase 3: APUFF staking

Our innovative ve-tokenomics model is designed to enhance the utility of the $APUFF token and boost the protocol's decentralization.

By staking your APUFF tokens, you can unlock veAPUFF, taking advantage of exclusive benefits. The amount of veAPUFF allocated to you depends on the duration and quantity of your APUFF token lock-up, with a maximum lock-up period of up to two years.

vePUFF also plays a vital role in determining eligibility for APUFF emissions across lending and strategy vaults. To qualify for $APUFF emissions, users are required to lock a minimum of 5% of their position's USD value in veAPUFF. This ensures that the price of veAPUFF aligns with the current market price of $APUFF, promoting long-term engagement and stabilizing the value of $APUFF.

veAPUFF is poised to be the ideal token for airdrops, featuring its 5% points sharing from leveraged positions. This unique attribute grants AirPuff users the advantage of experiencing airdrop rewards indirectly, bypassing the need for direct engagement in the underlying protocols and strategies.

Phase 4: PuffAI Launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of PuffAI! PuffAI is our groundbreaking product that leverages the power of AI algorithms to optimize airdrop strategies based on individual investors' risk appetites and personal market views.

By combining cutting-edge AI analysis of market data, volatility, and trends with users' unique risk appetites and insights, PuffAI provides tailored recommendations on portfolio constructions and advanced strategies. Our AI models, fueled by historical data analysis, user input, and machine learning techniques, accurately gauge each individual's risk tolerance and market perspectives.

With PuffAI, you can expect personalized recommendations that maximize reward potential based on your distinctive profile. Whether you're looking to pursue a delta-positive strategy for potential gains or adopt a more neutral approach, our AI-powered recommendations will guide you towards optimized investment decisions.

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