Airdrop 2.0

Get Ready with Airdrop 2.0

The landscape of restaking protocols and Layer 2 blockchains is rapidly evolving, with an increasing number embarking on airdrop campaigns as a prime strategy to gain traction. These airdrops, once seen as simple gestures of goodwill, have transformed into pivotal sources of wealth.

In this new era of "Airdropfi," AirPuff emerges as a leader, enhancing the value of airdrops for users with minimal investment. As the airdrop landscape becomes more sophisticated, AirPuff's strategic methods aim to secure valuable bonuses and multipliers for our members. We're committed to identifying the best airdrop opportunities, focusing on market trends, project fundamentals, and community behaviors. This gives our users a competitive edge, optimizing their participation for maximum rewards. By joining AirPuff, you tap into a pool of airdrop points gathered by our community, ensuring ongoing advantages for $APUFF holders.

With AirPuff, you're well-equipped to explore the dynamic world of airdrops, backed by a community-focused platform that prioritizes maximizing returns. As the significance of airdrops escalates, our community is poised to reap substantial benefits from our collective expertise and strategic foresight.

Adapting to the Shift in Airdrop Criteria

Airdrop strategies have significantly transformed in the Airdrop 2.0 era. No longer are rewards based simply on activity levels or volume; now, referrals and TVL are key factors in determining airdrop rewards. Projects like Manta, EigenLayer, and various Liquid Restaking protocols exemplify this new phase, where the depth of your engagement and the extent of your network matter more than ever. This shift can be daunting for average users with limited capital, facing the challenge of numerous appealing projects launching airdrops yet having finite resources to participate.

We recognize these challenges and are poised to navigate them with you. AirPuff emerges as a frontrunner in the Airdropfi arena, aiming to unlock the vast potential within this space. With a conservative estimate placing the combined TVL of these protocols at $5 billion, even capturing 5% of this market could position AirPuff with a notable $250 million in TVL. This underscores the vast, untapped potential of the Airdrop 2.0 and Airdropfi markets, highlighting AirPuff's ambition to lead in this innovative landscape.

Airdrop is HUGE

Airdrops have gone from being nice little extras for early supporters to life-changing opportunities. Being early to support can now mean a chance at serious wealth. In 2023 alone, the crypto world saw $4.6 billion worth of tokens airdropped, with a staggering $21.7 billion from 2020 to 2023. This trend is only expected to grow as more people dive into crypto.


One of 2023's largest airdrops was ARB tokens to Arbitrum's early users, distributing nearly $2 billion in value, with most users getting at least roughly $2000 worth of tokens into their bags even with just small initial investments. This shows just how rewarding airdrops can be, turning small initial investments into significant gains.


In 2023, EigenLayer shook things up by rolling out its points system, teasing a future token airdrop to thank its early backers. With its impressive standing as the second-largest project by TVL in the DeFi world, the potential impact is off the charts. It's set to send shockwaves through both the DeFi and airdrop scenes. With a cautious eye on the market, it's expected that at least $4 billion in tokens will be handed out to its community. EigenLayer is gearing up for what could be the second-largest airdrop event ever, promising its users not just significant returns but also enhancing their yield-earning capabilities.


Beyond the points from EigenLayer, there's more good news with Etherfi loyalty points up for grabs. Etherfi's initial airdrop wave has already made a splash, delivering $180 million in value to its community, against a backdrop of a whopping $3 billion in FDV. There's more on the horizon, too – an additional 5% of its tokens are earmarked for the second round of airdrops, poised to distribute roughly $150 million in value. It's like free money waiting to be claimed, further enriching the rewards for Etherfi supporters.

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