Air Booster

Air Booster is a mechanism designed to create a robust bribing ecosystem within our platform, offering an extra boost to $APUFF points with a maximum 7x boost. This system consists of three key elements: Base Booster, TVL Booster, and Matching Booster. Each element plays a distinct role in amplifying rewards for our users. Air Booster = Base Booster + TVL Booster + Matching Booster

Base Booster: This foundational element initializes reward mechanisms in new containers before significant Total Value Locked (TVL) or multipliers are established. It acts as the initial spark for more dynamic boosts. Every Air-con vault starts with a 1x Base Booster, and veAPUFF holders can vote on Base Booster settings up to 2x, directly influencing the bribing mechanisms and enhancing their strategic impact.

TVL Booster: This booster is directly connected to the TVL of a specific container, with a maximum 3x boost. The principle is simple: the more assets a container holds, the more negotiation power it has. This increased power allows us to secure more substantial rewards and incentives from our partners, enhancing the overall value proposition for our users.

1M - 3M TVL = 1x Booster

3M - 10M TVL = 1.5x Booster

10M TVL = 2.5x Booster

Matching Booster: The Matching Booster serves as a direct incentive for underlying protocols/chains, functioning as a strategic bribe. It encourages these entities to provide additional rewards to our containers, which we will match with $APUFF points, up to a maximum of 3x. When combined with the Base and TVL Boosters, the Matching Booster creates a flywheel effect, benefiting both the protocol/chain and its users through enhanced rewards and engagement.

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