How does it work

AirPuff Containers (Air-con) are designed for users who prefer not to use leverage on their holdings. These containers are straightforward contracts that securely hold user deposits without the complexity and costs typically associated with DeFi. This approach allows users to deposit freely and with confidence, knowing there are no hidden fees or complications.

APUFF Containers

The $APUFF Containers facilitate the deposit of $APUFF tokens without any lock-up periods, enabling users to freely manage their investments. Depositors earn AirPuff points based on their holdings, calculated in ETH units. Specifically, users earn 5 points per day for every 0.1 ETH worth of $APUFF tokens deposited. Points are tallied daily at random snapshot times to keep the rewards distribution fair and updated.

LRT Containers

Each LRT Container operates as a 1x strategy on the user’s position, suitable for depositing specific Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) like ezETH for Renzo, weETH for Etherfi, and rsETH for KelpDAO. These containers allow users to benefit from AirPuff multipliers and earn AirPuff points simultaneously, all without the need for leveraging or incurring borrowing costs.

PT Containers

Recognizing the untapped potential of idle PT tokens, AirPuff PT Containers are specially designed to optimize these assets. Users can deposit their PT tokens into these containers and earn AirPuff points throughout the duration of their deposit. Flexibility is a key feature here, as users can withdraw their PT tokens at any time, providing them with full control over their investments.

Through these AirPuff Containers, we aim to provide our users with simple, cost-effective strategies to enhance their airdrop rewards while maintaining complete flexibility and control over their investments.

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