Points Rules

EigenLayer Points

EigenLayer, the foundational protocol underlying Liquid Restaking protocols, introduces its points system. Users earn both LRT points and EigenLayer Points, with a consistent calculation method across all Liquid Restaking protocols. Users receive 1 point per hour for each ETH staked, and for nominal participation measurement, all staked tokens, including restaked native ETH and Liquid Staked ETH, are equivalently calculated.

The market has witnessed speculation regarding the value and utility of these points. While it's not clear how points will turn into airdrops, people are still excited in the market and want to collect more points. In this landscape, AirPuff bridges the gap, providing a platform to maximize the value for points farmers.

Liquid Restaking Protocol Points

Underlying Protocol PointsCorresponding BuffsRules

Ether.fi Loyalty Points

weETH (Arbitrum) weETH (Ethereum) Liquid (Ethereum)

1 point for every 0.01 ETH staked per day

Kelp Miles

rsETH (Arbitrum) rsETH (Ethereum)

(Amount of ETH worth of LST)×(Number of days)×10,000

Renzo ezPoints

ezETH (Arbitrum) ezzETH (Ethereum)

1 Renzo ezPoint per hour for every ezETH they hold

BedRock Diamonds

uniETH (Ethereum)

1 Bedrock Diamond per hour for each uniETH held.

Vector Reserve vPoint

svETH (Ethereum)

1000 vPoints per 1 vETH or svETH

Swell Pearls

mswETH (Ethereum)

Receive 30 pearls per mswETH as a reward for your initial deposit, and earn up to 6 pearls daily for each mswETH.

EigenPie Points

mswETH (Ethereum)

1 ETH Worth of LST Deposit = 1 Point / Hour


Underlying Protocol PointsCorresponding BuffsRules

Ethena Sats

sUSDe (Ethereum)

2.4 Sats per day per sUSDe

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